I fell in love with the world and its cultures in 2007, when I moved to Sydney, Australia. Since then, I've been on a mission to see the world and understand its people. Archives of Adventure is a place where I strive to inspire others to love the world and to understand that "what is different, is not necessarily bad or wrong."

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11 Summer Celebrations Around the World
With summertime just around the corner, I found it made sense to discover some summertime celebrations that take place around
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Views-Day Tuesday #18
The view for this Tuesday brings you to the mouth of a volcano!   As part of a day tour
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How to do Kathmandu in One Day
Arriving into the trekking mecca of Nepal, many adventurers do not have time to spend exploring the capital city of Kathmandu.
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Views-Day Tuesday #17
Views-Day Tuesday is here once more. Check out this view from…   …Kathmandu, Nepal! Within the busy city is an escape
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How To Appreciate Museums [When Museums Are Just Not Your Thing]
Confession time: I’m not a museum person. Something about wandering around a building full of stuff just doesn’t get my travel senses
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A Drive Through Kathmandu: A Photo Essay
As our tourist bus drove through the streets of Kathmandu, I found myself simply propping up my camera in the
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Day 121.We are leaving on vacation a week from today, and I am just starting trip planning. Yikes! We do have our flights and accomodations booked already, of course, but I have done very little reading on where to eat and what to see (been too busy at work). We are going to Venice, Florence, Rome, and Paris - all cities we've been to, but some not for many years, and not with a toddler. Recommendations for restaurants and places to sightsee from fellow Flickrites are always welcome. :-)
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